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As a superstitious golfer, I always turn things around after bad holes or bad turns. I will change golf balls sometimes, but mostly I will mix up my ball markers and divot tools. I always keep a few with me – easy to lend to forgetful playmates for the day, too – and a divot tool has recently entered my rotation.

This is the Birdicorn divot tool, which is basically six tools in one, all of which are useful for golfers. First, the most common uses – it fixes your ball marks on the greens and the accompanying piece obviously marks your golf ball. (It’s magnetic, so you can also use your own favorite brand of bullet.)

But there is more. It has a handy slot in the middle so you can draw the perfect alignment line on your golf ball, and you can also place the tool flat on a practice green – like that – and use the lunge as an alignment aid to compose your stroke. The tool has a depression on the top so you can safely rest your handles against moisture, and it even has a bottle opener for when you need to wash those bogeys with a drink.

It is lightweight and comes in 11 colors. I bought mine a few months ago – I went for the color graphite – but we recently started selling them in the GOLF Pro Shop as well. Check them out below and find more golf accessories in our pro shop here.

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Divot 6 in 1 Tool


The Birdicorn Divot tool has 6 distinct functions in 1 sleek design to help golfers of all skill levels mend ball marks, draw a line on your golf ball, practice your putt, open bottles, hold your favorite birdicoin and keep your handles dry All tools include a neutral colored birdicoin. Tools are also designed to fit your favorite existing 1 ″ coin

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