Banco Agrícola to make part of RD $ 5 billion available to milk producers for loans


Santiago Rodriguez, Dominican Republic

Banco Agrícola administrator Fernando Durán has guaranteed that the interest-free loans of RD $ 5 billion will be partly made available to milk producers.

In this regard, Durán announced that an Agricultural Bank office will be opened in Villa Los Almácigos so that resources can reach the countryside and be a space of progress for the country.

He added that the milk processing plant of the Cooperative of the Confederation of North West Breeders (Coopfedegano) would be relaunched, which will help to strengthen the quality of this product.

“We need to ensure that our land generates wealth for the producers of the field,” Bagrícola’s administrator said at the meeting.

At the same time, during a meeting with representatives and producers of the livestock sector, the Ministry of Agriculture made the solution to the problems that arise in national milk production viable in the short term.

Agriculture Minister Limber Cruz listened to the situation of these producers and addressed issues such as the profitability of milk prices.

Cruz organized the delivery of 20,000 vaccines for the animals.


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