Best College Football Uniforms of Week 6 – Retro Yarns, Monochrome Cuts & Dark Fashion


We are already in week six of the college football season, and the energy has been intense throughout the year. There have been upheavals, eruptions, trolls – you name it. Expect more of the same before a huge week on the college grill.

There are some great games out there – and some of them feature fantastic uniform combinations. Some teams will honor their school’s history, while others will recognize some important causes off the pitch with their match day gear. One of the best uniform matches of the weekend belongs to East Carolina against UCF – and you’ll see why soon.

Return wires

Nothing beats a quality homecoming uniform, and the No. 20 Florida Gators are receiving an A + for their fit this week. For their comeback match against Vanderbilt, they will honor the Gator teams of the ’60s and’ 70s. The jersey is a soft blue, with white and orange stripes down the shoulders. The numbers are white and appear on the front and side of the shoulder.

White pants with orange and blue stripes bring a bit of pop, and the helmet brings it all together. It is solid orange with the vintage Florida logo on both sides. However, there is no scratch on this helmet. This is only the third time the Gators have worn a scratch-free helmet since 1946. The other two times were in 2017 when they wore their swamp green uniform and in 2019 when they sported their Pro Combat sons, through Gator Uniform Tracker.

Utah is back to its vintage concept again, but with a new color. They’ve gone for a snow-white look this week, always making sure the Utes’ story shines through in their wardrobes. Red is the accent color, and the old-fashioned intertwined “U’s” are located on the shoulders and helmet. They wore a red version of those flashbacks earlier this year, but this white take on could be even better.

One team that has had some impressive uniforms this year is the Troy Trojans, and they continue that trend with their Week 6 threads. These are rocking black jerseys highlighted with their traditional brown as a supporting shade. Shiny white pants give the attire a contrast – but that’s not what makes this uniform comeback worthy. Their helmets will feature the vintage TSU logo for the first time since 2003. TSU stands for Troy State University – the name of the school. until they change it to Troy in 2004.

UCF Knights dusted off the golden pants for the first time since 2018, according to the team website. The team will also sport their black Pegasus jerseys, topped with their white helmets. The white / black / gold combo was their uniform of choice before they redesigned their wardrobe in 2016 – and there’s a particular reason they’re bringing this look back.

UCF legend Blake Bortles was inducted into the team’s Hall of Fame during the game, and he was literally perfect when he wore that uniform combo – a 7-0 record. With the Knights wearing their first tricolor combo since 2019, they hope they can make Bortles proud and win on Saturday.

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Keeping it simple isn’t always a bad thing – and the # 10 BYU proves it with her wardrobe for Week 6. Navy blue is the dominant color used throughout the ensemble. There are hints of white used for the jersey number and used as stripes on the helmet and shoulders. The color is smooth yet sleek, giving the Cougars a cohesive and sleek look for their game against Boise State.

This season, Tulane made headlines in relaunched their “Greenie” logo on their helmets, and they had a very attractive monochrome wardrobe this week. The team donned an all-baby blue look for their game against Houston, which was pretty sharp. Green and white combine as accent colors, being used for trouser and shoulder stripes. “Greenie” isn’t on the helmet this week, but the Riptide symbol still looks excellent against the light blue helmet.

Dark mode

The Tennessee Volunteers have unveiled new leads for their game against South Carolina. The team went into “dark mode”, using black as the dominant color in their uniforms. Orange is the complementary shade, used for the jersey number and decals throughout. However, their helmets are still white and feature the traditional “T” logo. White actually works quite well with the combination of volunteers this week.

Missouri is celebrating reunion week with the right gear. The pants and jersey are sleek black, giving the Tigers a menacing look. Yellow is the secondary color, bringing some brightness to what is a pretty dark set.

The helmet stands out for two reasons – one being that it is a bright, vibrant yellow. The other is that the logo is not the traditional Mizzou logo. Instead, an “M” block is plastered on the side. The “M” served as the primary logo for the school for almost 40 years until they changed it to the Tiger emblem in 2012 – Missouri thus honors its past this weekend against North Texas.

White jersey sandwiches

Having a white jersey is good, but you better have the style and color coordination to make it work. The New Mexico State Aggies have released an all-new uniform suit for their clash with Nevada. A crisp white jersey is paired with red pants and a red helmet, with an interesting twist. The helmet design is minimalist, with a plain logo on the right and the respective player’s number on the left. This is the first time that the Aggies have presented these helmets since 2019, by History of the helmet.

The East Carolina University cut is another example of how bright white can be with a little bit of matching. At the top, purple chrome helmets put the Pirates in the running for the best headgear of the week. The pirate logo is located on the right side of the helmet, and it also appears on the shoulder of white jerseys. The pants are purple, with a flaming yellow stripe on the outside of the leg, and the school sticker is on the right side. They benefit from the ECU colors, as they have a dynamic outfit for their date with UCF.

The Memphis Tigers took their uniform game to another level, featuring a feline theme suited to their game against Tulsa. A black helmet riddled with white tiger stripes kicks off the Fire Wardrobe – but it doesn’t end there. The white jerseys also have tiger stripes on the shoulder, except they are black and smaller than the helmet. Black pants complete this tiger look, giving Memphis one of the best uniforms of the weekend.

Uniforms for a cause

The Nevada Wolf Pack is wearing outfits this week that support a great cause. They sport stylish silver chrome helmets with pink letters indicating “Pack”. The pink wording is in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, a special gesture from the team. The rest of the uniform is navy blue, with white used as a trim.

Northwestern Missouri State Bears honor military personnel past and present this week for the school’s Military Appreciation Day. The school has close links with the armed forces, have a program which allows students to become officers of the Missouri National Guard.

The team uses their helmets to honor the 13 U.S. servicemen who were among those killed in the bombing at Kabul airport in Afghanistan in August. Each player will have the name of one of the 13 servicemen on the lower collar of the helmet with digital camouflage in the background. In addition, the headgear also features the school logo with the design of the American flag inside – called “Flag Paw” by Tucker Peve, the team’s director of football equipment.

As an added touch, each player will have the obituary of the service member whose name is on their helmet taped to their locker before the game, Peve said in a telephone interview.

Arizona State # 22 recognizes Hispanic Heritage Month. The center band of the ASU helmet features designs inspired by Mayan patterns and glyphs. Some of the symbols displayed on the helmet are used in the Mayan calendar.

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