BOBCATS IN FIGURES: 58 days before kickoff

Bobcats by the Numbers takes a look at current and past Bobcats whose jersey numbers match the number of days left until the state of Montana opens the 2021 football season in Wyoming on September 4.

# 58
Aaron Richards, OL: Aaron Richards is part of the stable of big and young prospects of the Montana State offensive line. The Butte product requires continued physical development, but is seen as part of the future of MSU’s offensive line.

Projector: In the long line of formidable defensive players Montana State produced in the 1990s, one of the best was Jason Hicks, an undersized, athletic defensive end whose blazing speed confused Big Sky defenses in the early ’90s. Hicks’ 14 sacks in 1993 remain the fourth-highest total in school history, and his 29 career sacks are tied for fourth. Presumably, Hicks made good use of his downtime to combat injuries, as he is currently an architect for Bozeman. He is married to former MSU athletics star Angelette Cormier Hicks.

58 door: Paul Schafer wore 58 times in the 1968 Montana State victory at Missoula, one of Cat-Griz’s biggest individual efforts in the series’ long history. Schafer gained 234 yards and scored the winning touchdown with a torn ligament in one knee.

Chronology: Todd Vasey (1982-83), Tom Jacobs (1984), Joel Long (1985-89), Jason Stene (1990), Mike Kenny (1991), Jason Hicks (1992-95), Nate O’Brien (1996), Brian Lutz (1998-99), Ray Sebestyen (2000-04), Ryan Cerise (2005-09), Rhett Young (2010-14), Josh hill (2015-)

Bonus note for # 58: The young footballer stood with the gentleman in military uniform. The older man made all the conversation. Mike Kramer came by and suggested to a passerby, “The kid wants to come home. Dad won’t let him. It turned out to be a fantastic decision for both Ray Sebestyen and the Bobcats. Sebestyen has grown into an outstanding defensive lineman for the Bobcats, going from start to finish in the middle of his career and thriving on the inside. Sebestyen was selected twice for the All-Big Sky First Team, in 2003 and 2004.

Another # 58: The man, was Josh hill fun to watch playing soccer. He was an undersized linebacker for Kalispell, but Josh hill Fits in well the role of a quick and fierce little linebacker the Bobcats had long relied on. We could speak of the inefficiency of the market, that is to say an excellent player under-recruited because of his size. It can also be seen as an extension of a decade-long productive trend, with Jody Owens, Na’a Moeakiola and Aleksei Grosulak all flourishing as small 21st Century Bobcat linebackers .. Hill joins Grosulak, Jeff Price and Bobby daly as state linebackers who played for the Cats after arriving as extras for no valid reason other than a vertically stretched tape measure. Hill’s tenacity and aggressiveness often brought him on the injury report, but it also gave him some brilliant moments. He was the first All-Big Sky team in 2019, finished fourth on the team in sophomores, freshman and sophomore, was named Big Sky Player of the Week for his eight-tackle effort at the Montana to close out the 2016 season, and in 2018 he recorded six tackles with a few pass breakages in MSU’s win over the Grizzlies. He never said much but had a look in his eyes that let people know he was going to get things done and that he would probably have fun doing it. Josh hill was a big Bobcat.

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