BOBCATS IN FIGURES: 73 days before kickoff

Bobcats by the Numbers takes a look at current and past Bobcats whose jersey numbers match the number of days left until the state of Montana opens the 2021 football season in Wyoming on September 4.

# 73
Titan Fleischmann, OL: Titan Fleischmann comes to Montana State as a big physical offensive line prospect (6-5, in the range of 260 lbs). Its size is punctuated by an impressive general athleticism and, in particular, good feet. There are several interesting facts about Titan: 1) Her parents both played in Idaho State (Ryan played soccer, Meg played hoop); 2) Titan pledged to MSU on his cell phone – from the Bobcat Stadium parking lot, as Covid rule revisions a year ago restricted contact between rookies and coaches; 3) Titan’s has a brother named Bruin. (Hats off to the Jordan Kaye profile of the Fleischmann family in the Idaho State Newspaper.)

Projector: Ron East’s college football career didn’t last much when he arrived at Montana State in the fall of 1966, but he got a lot done in a short space of time. In his one season as the Bobcat, East won All-Big Sky first-team honors in football. He also won the Big Sky Javelin Championship. His path to MSU was not straightforward. The Portland native began his career in the state of Oregon, but after it was made clear that he was not part of the Beavers’ future plans, he joined the Marine Forces Reserves. Soon after, he moved to Columbia Basin College in Washington, winning all-conference honors twice and helping his team to an unbeaten season and the NWAC title. He is in the NWAC Hall of Fame and Bobcat Athletics Hall of Fame, and has played for the Cowboys, San Diego Chargers, Cleveland Browns, Atlanta Falcons and Seattle Seahawks.

# 73 – It happened in the third quarter of a game that was pretty much decided. Montana State led northern Colorado 31-7 at Greeley and had 24 straight points to blow up a close game. But it was still fun, when Callahan O’Reilly took the snap as a personal protector in punt formation and ran for 73 yards for a touchdown.

Chronology: Hal Walker (1956), Chuck Dallum (1957), Fred Turner (1960-61), Dick Hueth (1964), Charlie Moore (1965), Ron East (1966), John Winchell (1967-68), Ernie Lewis (1969) ), Ernie Lewis (1970), Wayne Hammond (1971-74), Mike Peavey (1975), Scott Keyser (1976), Les Sherrill (1977-79), Tim Dietz (1980), Bruce Randall (1982-84), Tom Burgraff (1986), Mike Sain (1987), Jim Montgomery (1990), Jason Westbrock (1993-95), Dener Stairs (1996-97), Chris MacNiell (1999), Mike Schmidt (2000-01), Joe Hirst (1992-2006), Alex Terrien (2007-08), Killian Fitzpatrick (2009-10), Tyler Blomstrom (2012), Caleb Gillis (2013-17), Ryan barkley (2018), Byron rollin (2019-20), Titan Fleischmann (2021-).

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