Bowling game clothes don’t move the needle at Mincer’s


CHARLOTTESVILLE, Virginia (WVIR) – Every time you watch more and more games in the world of sports are postponed because of players in COVID-19 protocols.

UVA Football is one of the last to come out of its ball game.

At Mincer’s, this ball game caused more talk than the shirts sold.

“We have our football gear and this year we haven’t had anything bowl specific,” Mincer vice president Cal Mincer said.

He says the circumstances surrounding the game didn’t move the needle of excitement: “With the uncertainty around the coach and things like that, the tough loss to Tech, we just didn’t had a jersey this year, ”said Mincer.

He says the reputation of a boules game plays a huge role in increasing foot traffic in search of boules equipment.

“It doesn’t have the same name recognition as the Orange Bowl of a few years ago, and there hasn’t been as much enthusiasm about this bowl as others,” Mincer said. .

Location and opponent are also big factors in bowling t-shirt sales: “If it’s close, or if it’s hot, people get excited. But it was going to be cold, ”Mincer said. “When we play in Florida it’s exciting, everyone knows Florida.”

The Mincer’s team had high hopes for the Cavaliers’ performance at the inaugural Fenway Bowl in Boston on Wednesday, December 29.

“We were really excited for the bowl,” Mincer said. “We thought it could be a high scoring game. It was going to be fun. But it just didn’t work.

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