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2021 Donruss Football is destined to be a lot. First and foremost, this is one of the most complete sets of the year. This means an in-depth checklist that is great on the base and supplemented with plenty of inserts. There’s also the nostalgic tint that goes with any flagship-style Donruss product. This translates into both comeback designs and long-standing inserts and sub-assemblies that stretch back decades.

At the leisure level, the boxes include both an autograph and a souvenir card. There are also more than 40 inserts and ten parallels. In keeping with the variety theme, rookies also average one per pack.

Donruss 2021 football checklist preview

The main base set contains 350 cards in total. Among them, 250 are veterans. One hundred first-year players receive the Rated Rookie treatment.

The parallels available in the hobby packs include:

  • Aqueous test
  • Nameless
  • Red press proof
  • Stat Line – / 500 or less
  • Silver press proof – / 100
  • Shirt number – / 99 or less
  • Cut to silver press proof – / 75
  • Gold press proof – / 50
  • Gold die-cut press – / 25
  • Black press proof – / 10
  • Die Cut Black – 1/1

Typically, retail setups have their own additional parallels.

Fifty photo variations complete the basic set. These have the same overall design but use a different image on the front. The variations have the same mix of hobby parallels.

2021 Donruss Football Tom Brady Variation

Autographs, souvenir cards and other inserts

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Super Bowl champions, are featured in The Champ Is Here. Sticking to the playoffs, Road to the Super Bowl breaks down the playoffs from the Wild Card round to the big game.

The Elite Series and The Rookies are two of the oldest names associated with the Donruss brand. They’re both back as inserts. There is also an Elite Series Rookies set.

Donruss 2021 Elite Football Series Aaron Rodgers

Retro 2001 dates back two decades. These use the 2001 Donruss Baseball design. Some cards also have autograph versions.

Other 2021 Donruss Football inserts are Power Formulas and Fans of the Game, which spotlights famous football fans.

The checklist also contains sets of short and difficult printing inserts. Marvels, Night Moves and Rated Rookie Premium are all exclusive to hobby packs. Downtown is also back with a new crop of picture cards.

Donruss 2021 football party movements

Product autograph and memorabilia offerings include All Pro Kings, Jersey Kings, Leather Kings, and Rookie Phenom Jersey autographs.

Overview of the Donruss Football 2021 cards:

Cards Per Pack: Hobby – 10
Packages per box: Hobby – 18
Boxes per case: Hobby – 18
Set size: 350 cards
Release date (subject to change): September 1, 2021

What to expect in a hobby box:

  • Autographs – 1
  • Souvenir Cards – 1
  • Insertions – 42
  • Parallels – 12
  • Rookies rated – 18

Recent releases of Donruss Football:

The full Donruss Football 2021 checklist and squad rosters will be available as soon as they become available, possibly shortly before the product’s release.

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