Extend Moratorium Period for Loan Repayment Provide Financial Assistance to Litigators in Delhi HC-ANI


New Delhi [India], Aug 24 (ANI): A petition was filed on Monday in the Delhi High Court asking the central government and the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) to extend the moratorium period for the repayment of term loans and credit cards. additional 12 month credit. or until the COVID-19 situation normalizes.
The plea, filed by Sunil Kumar Tiwari through attorney Mukesh Kumar Singh, was also aimed at completely waiving interest or charges at the savings bank interest rate for attorneys during the moratorium period.
He also asked for an instruction to provide financial assistance to lawyers registered with the Delhi Bar without discrimination, as the one-time financial assistance of 5,000 rupees for indigent lawyers is not sufficient for their survival.
The advocacy argued that due to the global outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, the central government, in order to curb the rapid increase in the number of infected patients in the country, was forced to announce the national lockdown due to which the court across the country has also been closed.
“Most of the defenders who come from middle class and lower middle class families suffer for their survival as they have to feed their families without financial assistance,” the plea said, adding that many defenders “were paying a huge amount of money. ‘IME for loans, credit cards and residing in rented accommodation pay rent “.
He stated that the lawyers are not able to pay their respective IMEs of their loans and also unable to pay the tuition fees etc. of their children. Schools are forcing them to pay their school fees on time, which lawyers are unable to pay because their own work is totally shut down, according to the plea.
The plea further stated that the Indian Union had provided relief to the industry through guaranteed free loans with minimal interest as well as a 12-month moratorium period on repayments.
The government also helped the workers by giving them food, shelter, etc. families, he said.
The plea also mentioned that the petitioner had also taken out a home loan, car loan, personal loan and credit card facility from various banks and that currently the petitioner being a lawyer who is unemployed / out of work is unable to pay their IMEs and other payments on time.
It is argued that not only the petitioner, but most of the lawyers face difficulties in repaying their IMEs and other payments on time for which the bankers charge more interest on their unpaid dues, which creates an immense burden for the petitioner along with other lawyers said the plea. (ANI)

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