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In order to get a payday loan, the first step is to determine exactly how much you need- pop over to this website.

It is necessary for this not to rush and make a realistic initial diagnosis to know the real nature of the difficulties. Are these difficulties really cyclical and quite exceptional, or are the difficulties encountered the translation of a deeper profitability problem for example? This diagnosis will enable the development of a financial and operational recovery plan, which will reveal a need for financing.

Depending on this diagnosis and the overall need for financing, the company in difficulty will seek to gather the necessary amount by combining several means. It should be remembered, however, that the search for financing for a company in difficulty is very difficult.

Refinancing of business by exploiting the assets of the company

Optimize Working Capital Requirement (WCR):

The optimization of the BFR is a lever too often underestimated. This requires combining:

  • better recovery of the sums possibly due to the company, especially among its customers. Attention, the request for advance or faster payments to some customers should be considered with caution because of the risk of concern that could harm the goodwill,
  • Lengthen – moderately – the payment terms of some creditors,
  • Negotiate – where appropriate through CCSF [1] ;

Divest non-strategic assets

Divest non-strategic assets

Divest – if there are any – non-strategic assets that can be divested by being particularly attentive to the conditions of sale that must be documented, reasoned and at market price to avoid any questioning of the directors’ liability (risks related at the “suspect period”),

Put in place – where possible – asset financing:

  • Factoring or other mobilization of receivables,
  • Sale and leaseback on machines or buildings.

These three types of actions should help reduce the need for financing for a company in difficulty. It is the responsibility of the manager to seek additional financing in the form of a supplementary loan, a capital increase with shareholders or refinancing of significant financial maturity

Get a loan for a troubled business

Get a loan for a troubled business

There are cases in which a bank’s refusal to grant financing to a company in a simple tense situation may make it fail.

In fact, even in the case of temporary difficulties, a bank rarely grants a loan to companies in difficulty. However, in case of refusal of a loan for a company in difficulty, the company can move towards Mediation of the Credit.

In case of refusal of such financing, a new request to the bank can be formulated with the support of the Credit Mediation. Credit Mediation was instituted in November 2008 to address the difficulties faced by businesses in obtaining bank loans. It is open to any entrepreneur, craftsman, trader, liberal profession who encounters an end of non-receipt of his bank, while the company meets:

  • cash flow difficulties,
  • a lack of own funds.

The origin of this institution is based on a simple idea: do not leave any company alone in the face of cash flow or financing problems.

The company can only go to the mediator after having been refused a bank.

Another type of help for companies in financial difficulty

Funding to solve specific problems

If the company goes through specific problems, those internal solutions have been implemented AND that there is a credible reversal plan, then the manager can turn to:

  • its existing shareholders;
  • its existing bank creditors to negotiate deadlines (most often, banks will be able to extend deadlines on principle by maintaining interest payments). Beware, such a renegotiation will be extremely difficult to begin without the shareholders arguing in one way or another. This type of negotiation – conducted with the help of an ad hoc agent or a conciliator – will be a very good way of helping companies in temporary cash flow difficulties.
  • Finally, the company may seek a contribution of fresh money from investors in turnaround ( revolving fund ).

Financing to solve structural cash difficulties

Financing to solve structural cash difficulties

Structural cash flow difficulties will result in less comfortable solutions for the shareholders of the company meeting them. Indeed, in the absence of the ability to find bank financing, the company can – in order of preference:

  • Request the opening of a bankruptcy procedure to freeze its liabilities to clear it – if any – over a maximum of 10 years (which corresponds to “free” financing over the same period but with all the impacts on the goodwill related to a collective proceeding;
  • Look for investors to open up its capital largely to third parties, most often turnaround investors who will have the ability to apprehend the situation, build, finance and implement a turnaround plan. But their intervention will take into account the situation and the risks of execution. Under these conditions, their contribution will be made on very low valuation bases and the existing shareholders will be very diluted;
  • Without being able to find a solution to address its structural difficulties (inability to finance corrective measures, to convince a court or investors reversal of the existence of a credible reversal plan), the only solution will be to dispose of the business as part of a disposal plan that will crush the liabilities and the shareholders by selling the business to a third party.
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Until Christmas comes, the Spaniards enjoyed several festive bridges: El Pilar, Todos los Santos and Constitución-Inmaculada. Before the typical end-of-year expenses arrive, many people take the opportunity to make a getaway to any part of the national or European geography. For this reason, mini-loans without paperwork are one of the best options to consider if you want to go a few days to disconnect from the daily routine that overwhelms you.

What can you do with the borrowed capital on a festive bridge away from home? Next, we review everything we can do away from home with you.

Mini-loans without paperwork to leave the city a few days

Minicréditos without paperwork to leave the city a few days

Probably, see the calendar and think: how much is left for the next holiday bridge? How do I get money to be able to leave the city for a few days? You already know that, thanks to the mini-loans without paperwork, these troubles disappear and they are not a problem: you can obtain financing for the most important expenses and in a short space of time. Among these expenses is the disconnect: leaving a few days off, taking advantage of the next bridges that exist in Spain is a more than attractive option.

What expenses are usually made in a few days getaway? Next, from Astro Finance, we detail the most important ones.

Go out to eat and dine out

Disconnecting from the routine is also disconnecting from the kitchen. When you go on vacation or weekend, the ideal is not to do any work ‘between stoves’. And if something we like is to go out for tapas or dine in a good restaurant and, obviously, not have to carry tuppers .

On a festive bridge, when visiting any city or country, the ideal is to know the cuisine of other places. Therefore, if you need capital also to go out for lunch or dinner, remember that with the funding obtained you can eat out everything you want.

Visits to the most important monuments

There are many people who travel to another city and do so without hardly spending. It is an option to consider, but you should also bear in mind that you will probably not return to that place in a long time (or maybe never). Are you going to miss that guided tour of the main tourist attraction in the area? Are not you going to enter that important museum or basilica in the area? The best thing is in this type of trips to bet on the culture, inform yourself a little about the place you visit and pay some tickets to different places of tourist interest.


Yes, leisure is an option to consider. You can go out for dinner, visit museums, cultural buildings … but, who knows: perhaps you want a mini-credit to go out for a drink or to go to that nightclub that everyone talks about. And that entails an expense: tickets, drinks, cloakroom … In the trips the leisure options are thousands.

In the same way, you may also want to go see a soccer game or enjoy the opera. Therefore, it is not advisable to deprive yourself of those unique things that we will later remember all our lives.


Rental cars, buses, trams, metro … traveling to another city a few days on a festive bridge means seeing dozens of places of interest in a short time. To see them as quickly and comfortably as possible you need money to move to the most important points of interest.

Minicreditos without paperwork are the best option you have to face the most outstanding expenses if you want to escape from the routine in the next holiday bridges that you will enjoy in Spain. It has financing and enjoy a few days of rest.

Renew, Renegotiate or Refinance – Personal Loan Tue, 21 May 2019 12:46:01 +0000 Continue reading Renew, Renegotiate or Refinance – Personal Loan]]>

Renew, renegotiate, refinance or refinance? Are the four options the same? Yes! Refinancing debts or refinancing loans especially serves people who are indebted, without free money or are very committed to credit operations and commitments with bills, creditss and payment tickets.

Renew, renegotiate, refinance loans and financing

Renew, renegotiate, refinance loans and financing

We have often received questions from readers about financial products and services, so we thought it would be useful to bring together in one place relevant and comprehensive information from platforms and credit companies that we believe to be reliable and secure. We spent a good amount of time researching the best options for financial solutions.

Usually you will have to do your own research to decide if these services work for you, however, we consider the Portal a great place to start with this venture. Search, compare and even simulate online loans and alternative financing.

By the way, debt consolidation is now the process of combining your existing debts into a new and unique debt. When a loan operation offers a lower interest rate than the interest rates on existing debts, it is possible to save money by reducing the amount of interest paid to the lender. Like credit card debt that generally applies double-digit interest rates, consolidation can provide significant interest savings over time.

Is Debt Consolidation the Same as Refinancing or Renewing? Consolidation can also be done as refinancing of loans is the facility, usually having expensive interest operations or that has the name dirty in the SPC and Serasa finds in this modality an ally to obtain borrowed money. The lines of loans that can be refinanced are numerous.

You find in the financial system the refinancing of payroll, real estate and vehicles, these operations are very simple and the bureaucracies are reduced facilitating the interested in the direct contracting in your bank creditor or financial.

The most common refinancing of debts or loans is to pay outstanding debts, credit debts, credit cards, returned checks, credit limits burst at the bank etc. But also to those who refinance loans to get extra cash for opening your own business, investing in something profitable, buying clothes to resell, taking an improvement course and more.

How Does Debt Refinancing Work?

How Does Debt Refinancing Work?

Renew, renegotiate, refinance or request a refinance to your banks lender is extremely simple, simply contact a bank correspondent or direct in the bank and request the transaction. To be able to complete the operation, the contractor must have paid at least 30% of the total installments of the loan in progress. Let us ex: in a loan of 60 installments the refinancing can only be done if you have already downloaded at least 21 installments from the system.

For people who are already heavily indebted, refinancing despite lengthening the debt for a few more years may be the lifeline right now, with liquid cash in hand it is possible to get the house in order and balance the bills.

What modalities can they renew, renegotiate, and refinance?

What modalities can they renew, renegotiate, and refinance?

Our intention is to make you understand that if you have a loan or any other type of debt, it is advisable to renew, renegotiate, refinance, even payroll with at least 20% paid.

If you need money to solve a particular financial situation or pending, renew, renegotiate with “debt refinancing” is a great opportunity to get more money by paying the same amount of installments and smaller interest.

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The economic crisis that we have experienced in Spain since 2008 has caused banks to be more reluctant to grant loans to customers. The credit, of course, has not circulated with the same fluidity as in the times of the real estate bubble and, in fact, it is also true that, during that specific time, it was granted with too much joy. However, those muddies come from these muds and, today, they are paying just for sinners. So there are reliable people who can not access loans that are very necessary for them. In this context, the mini loans have instantly become an alternative that you must take into account.

What are mini loans instantly?

What are mini loans instantly?


The mini loans are instantly known, on the part of the companies that offer this financial product, as responsible credits. And is that the speed and elimination of cumbersome procedures do not have to be at odds with a maintenance of the responsibility of the client. A responsibility of the client that evidently translates into trust on the part of the entity that grants the loan.

What are they used for?

In this aspect, companies like Bonsai Finance are sensitive to the needs of their clients and know that they can require mini loans instantly. It is not about delving into the weaknesses of the client, but to help in their economic needs. Keep in mind that there are many circumstances that may imply that you need a mini credit. For example: pay a fine quickly and avoid the collection of abusive interest rates or carry out reforms in your workplace (which you need, in order to recover the competitiveness it had).

As you can see, you do not need credits for excessive amounts nor do you need to lengthen them in time. For example, you can come phenomenally 1,000 euros, with a due date of one month. You want them already. And, in this aspect, the mini loans instantly are, without a doubt, your solution.

How are mini-credits applied for instantly?

How are mini-credits applied for instantly?


You have to value that you lighten the heavy paperwork of other loans, since you save the whole phase of the paperwork. That went down in history. Forget about the long queues waiting at the windows of traditional banks. The mini loans are instantly characterized by the completion of procedures online. With the comfort that gives you make these arrangements from your home. You only have to have your documents in order, bank account and an email (in which you will receive notifications). Nor will they require a payroll, it will be enough to prove a regular income.

Therefore, if you meet these simple requirements, you can access the mini loans instantly. So instantly that you can have the money in your account in an approximate interval of a quarter of an hour.

Fast loans with financial credit institutions exist and are very easy to obtain Wed, 01 May 2019 03:15:42 +0000 Continue reading Fast loans with financial credit institutions exist and are very easy to obtain]]>

Fast loans with financial credit institutions are the simple and safe way to get money for an unforeseen event or any other debt. They help you respond to a payment in a short time and without worries. You can also use them for the expenses of a trip, a special gift or the registration of a course.

Mini fast loans with financial credit institutions offer the same guarantees as loans from traditional banks and branches. However, they are obtained more agile and with less paperwork, all with clear information and simple procedures.

Why use fast loans online with financial credit institutions?

Why use fast loans online with financial credit institutions?

Maybe you wonder why you may need a loan or what kind of financial obligations they are going to grant you. The possibilities are more than we usually imagine.

  1. For recurring expenses, such as car fees, mortgage receipts or other products that are usually purchased on credit. Normally, we pay them without difficulty, but it can happen that we have spent more or that we do not want to run out of cash at the end of the month.
  2. They allow to solve previously acquired debts or to leave quickly a register of defaulters for any non-payment, without having to give explanations of what we are going to do with the money that we request.
  3. Sometimes unforeseen expenses arrive, such as a car breakdown or a water leak that must be repaired urgently. A quick loan with financial credit institutions allows you to solve this situation without stress.
  4. Do not forget other types of expenses that tend to appear in advance, but no less worrisome. They involve considerable expenses, such as the wedding of a relative who lives in another city. These expenses can be met through fast online loans with financial credit institutions without unbalancing the family budget.
  5. You can also afford to make other disbursements outside of your usual budget, such as a few days of vacation or that trip you want, without having to make the effort to take the money out of your daily needs.

Advantages of mini fast loans with financial credit institutions

Some of those advantages, together with an unbeatable management, are:

  1. They are obtained easily, fulfilling easy requirements, with conditions that are explained openly.
  2. They allow you to request different amounts, to adjust exactly what you need.
  3. There are no hidden commissions or small print, everything is clearly stated.
  4. They are returned in a flexible manner, adjusting them to your needs and in the terms that suit you.

The fast loans with financial credit institutions assure an aid to solve hurried situations, but also to realize your desires. Easily, quickly and safely, you can count on the money you need and return it as best suits your economy.

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Why was my loan not approved?

Why was my loan not approved?

Why was my loan not approved? This is one of the most intense questions here in the “loan portal”, every day someone wants to know the reason for the disapproval. In fact there are numerous factors that can cause a personal loan to disapprove of the banking and financial institutions. Of course some may be informed and others for banking and strategic reasons are not disclosed to the applicant.

Is not the loan approved?

Is not the loan approved?

Many reasons already known by the applicant itself is obvious, such as not to check your credit history with the protection agencies. This fact is only discovered when there is a need to borrow money, this is the most common cause. However, other reasons are quite simple, caused by anxiety or lack of attention. Listed below are a few reasons that will make you say, ” Because my loan was not approved.”

Anyone who has accessed personal loan online knows that there is a process that is fast in some institutions, but to evaluate a client if the bank or financial will approve the credit, the registry will go through a treadmill, and on this treadmill are made many assessments until the verdict Last. Typically institutions usually use systems that give points to the applicant through personal data surveys to get the infamous credit score or credit rating.

The credit score can be obtained in different ways, it levels customers informing the bank if they have a higher score and a lower score. Credit score directly affects the risk of the customer paying or not paying an acquired debt. This score takes into account various statistics on financial operations, use of cards, time purchases and consumer payments. In this way, each creditor uses internal and external systems and calculations, ie specialized companies such as credit protector to collect enough data to understand whether or not to approve the loan that has just been requested. 

Economic crisis or concession rules

Brazil is currently experiencing a somewhat complicated phase in the economic sector, and at a time like these it is normal for traditional banks and more conservative strategy institutions to decide to grant personal loans or credit only to customers who undergo a stricter credit policy. In general, this happens to decrease the level of credit risk or to reduce the default of some operations.

Many financial information is quoted from moment to moment, and if for some reason the expectation of default becomes high for some reason, for example: an increase in the interest rate, an estimate of the increase in unemployment or a probable change in rules of the modality reported by the government as (payroll deductible credit), fatally more people will lose access to credit for policies and concession rules.

Negative CPF (dirty name)

Negativado : Popularly we say that a person with a CPF denied or inscribed in the protection organs “is with dirty name”, this title is not good for nothing, this indicates that the person is an bad payer, that is, he did not fulfill with his payments and commitments and has unpaid debts.

When applying for a personal loan or credit, in some ways, this restriction indicates that the client is at risk or high risk, in which case the loan application will probably be denied by the future creditor or approved when there is regularization of the financial pending.

But it is not by being with dirty name that will prevent borrowing money, being negative is possible to get personal loans, some financial institutions approve requests with this status, however, interest rates are very high. The financial Crefisa lends to negatives.

Incorrect and / or outdated information

Shit! ” My name is clean and I still can not get personal loans anywhere.” Oops! So is not it just because we’re being denied that we have the unsecured loan ? Today most loan comparison sites have forms for application and application, the most common error of users is to provide incorrect and / or outdated data at the time of filling.

When applying for a personal loan online, fill in your details carefully, so that there is no mistake in entering the RG or CPF number, contacts, home address, income information and bank details. Missed the data, either of two, or delay the release or have the loan not approved.

So you know, report your data without errors and as up to date as possible, when you submit your request, creditors will perform an analysis and if there is inconsistency in the data – denial of the request may occur.

Credit history and payments

The interest rate, credit terms, and loan terms are based on the financial institutions’ ascertainment of their payment history, including for order approval. The cleaner and cleaner your credit history and score, the better your chances of being approved with special terms.

In your payment history, your custom of paying bills out of the due date or debt renegotiations is related. It is worth remembering that even if you get here intact, it does not have a dirty name, it has no debit in arrears, it has an acceptable score, but it can still be withheld.

Your proof of income

Whether it is self-employed, salaried or professional, one thing in common among them is having to prove the ability to pay (monthly income) compatible with the value of the loan amount. In some modality it is possible to commit up to 30% of the income with installments of personal loans, but the ideal is that it does not exceed 20% of its gain. The higher the repayment capacity, the higher the amount to be released and the lower the chances of having the loan application disapproved.

Currently half of Brazilians are committed to credit debt, most with debts that exceed 30% of their monthly incomes, when the banks or financial ascertains this condition, the possibility of the institution not releasing the credit also increases. With the exception of home equity loan or vehicle loan, long personal loans increase the chances of not having cleared the loan.

Conclusion: Not approved because?

Yes, I think it gave you an idea of ​​how complex it is to ask for a loan and to have it approved. The work of the lender is in possession of your sensitive information and data to approve or disapprove your loan. Everything can influence. Now if you are a civil servant, retiree or pensioner, military of the loved forces, try a consignment loan with this easy and no bureaucratic loan mode. Lots of luck!

Mortgage loan arrangement 2019 not wise for energy-neutral houses Sat, 26 Jan 2019 06:58:47 +0000 Continue reading Mortgage loan arrangement 2019 not wise for energy-neutral houses]]> Oplevering 30 nul op de meter woningen frankhuis

Association Wide Rapids disagrees with the proposal of the Ministry of Finance for only € 5.000 euro difference in mortgage space between zero-on-the-meter homes (NOM homes) and those with an energy performance coefficient (ECP / EI = 0, measure for energy efficiency) of 0 or lower. According to the association, that is irresponsible. The association Wide Rapids is a coalition of, among others, industry, municipalities and housing corporations.

Energy-efficient homes

The aforementioned houses generate as much (or even more) energy as it needs for the house and the household. This can be achieved through an upgrade of the house with, among other things, facade approach, smart installations and own energy generation. Currently, buyers of this type of house can borrow € 25,000 on top of the usual maximum financing burden. According to the Mortgage Credit Regulations 2019, this will change for the EPC = 0 homes next year: this will be reduced to € 20,000. No energy performance guarantee needs to be provided.

Energy saving measures

Buyers of low-energy houses can borrow up to € 25,000 extra on top of the usual maximum financing burden if they opt for energy-saving measures such as:

  • High efficiency boiler
  • Heat pump
  • Solar water heater and cells
  • Cavity wall roof and floor insulation
  • HR ++ glazing

Difference homes

Both houses are sustainable, yet different. At NOM homes, the building-related and the user-related energy costs do not exceed zero. An EPC house has no building-related, but user-related energy costs. That is the energy consumption for household appliances.


Association Wide Rapids find the scheme not wise. According to the organization, the difference of € 5,000 is too low. She fears that it leads to irresponsible financing situations. To make it clear, the Association calculated the average difference at € 5,000 difference in mortgage space: that equates to € 197 net mortgage debt per year. The energy costs vary from € 616 to € 911 per year. Regarding apartments and detached houses respectively.

Mortgage advisor

The mortgage lender places the extra mortgage amount in a depot and checks whether the entire energy-saving measures are actually spent. For this they will ask to view the purchase notes. An independent mortgage adviser will gladly tell you under what conditions you can take 106% of the value of the home as a mortgage.


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