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European golf organizers can learn a lesson from an American entrepreneur who sought to bring equality to the world of golf – and he wins by doing so. Compared to other sports, golf has more obstacles, despite being one of the most famous sports in the world. These barriers include accessibility, timeliness, but most importantly, the high cost of the game. Oahu Golf Apparel (OGA) is a Hawaii-based company committed to making golf more accessible to people of all walks of life.

OGA is committed to creating new designs inspired by the beautiful surrounding Hawaiian landscapes. Golfers all over the world are warmly embracing the fun and eye-catching designs. Dressed comfortably and with inspiring designs allows golfers to play at their best.

Inspire the community

OGA’s efforts to make golf more accessible have not gone unnoticed. Since its inception in 2016, the company has been present at every Sony Open to distribute various garments from its range. Those fans watching their favorite PGA Hawaiian stage golfers include many aspiring golfers from many sections of the community.

OGA also understands that golf is not an individual effort. Caddies play a vital role in ensuring that every golfer plays to their ultimate potential. This is why Oahu Golf Apparel continues its efforts to provide clothing to caddies and their families as part of its sponsorship program.

One of the areas where the company likes to make the biggest difference is junior golf programs. Through their affiliation with one of these Oahu Golf Club programs, their policy is to donate at least 25 to 30 pieces of clothing per month to the Hualalai Golf Course Junior Program. Having access to clothing helps keep costs down for younger players, allowing them to focus on improving their game.

Accessible means a lot

From the availability of comfortable clothing for pros and aspiring golfers of all sizes to consideration of price are ways to increase accessibility to the game. There is also the issue of stepping out of the dull colors that have become the norm. on golf courses until recently.

These were some of the issues OGA founder Tim Hazelgrove wanted to solve when he set out to push the boundaries of golf apparel by creating dynamic and contemporary designs. Each pattern is custom designed to match the style of the island, making it authentic.

Even though he is from Florida, he has embraced Hawaiian culture and wants to protect it in the best possible way. Embracing the ‘aloha’ spirit and vibrant ecosystem shows the company’s respect for the beautiful island, and their clothes can be worn throughout the day, allowing players to go from work to the golf course and to have a drink in the evening with friends.

It was all inspired by Tim’s visit to a Pro Shop. As a player he was sponsored by J. Lindenberg, a golf clothing brand known for its flashy colors and high prices.

“They have automatically imposed themselves on most of the market,” explains Tim Hazelgrove. “Kids want to wear what everyone else is wearing, and my thoughts were to offer something that kids can afford too… make play more accessible to everyone.”

Donating their wares at various events has certainly created a buzz around apparel, and hats, belts and polo shirts continue to be OGA’s top sellers. The brand has become a popular seller among families, and yes, some exclusive items are on their way to becoming sought after collector’s items, but the bottom line is that this is a brand that is helping to make golf more accessible thanks to its prices and by giving back to its communities.

Final take

Collaborations are one of the best ways to promote a brand, but they also help OGA in their efforts to promote the game. Christina Kim, the flamboyant professional golfer has adopted OGA’s clothing because it matches her sense of style. and his game.

OGA has also shown its support for female athletes by eagerly agreeing to sponsor Haley Moore. The rising LPGA tour player was bullied in school for being slightly overweight. The underlying message here is that everyone deserves a chance to prove their worth in a game designed to be suitable for everyone.

“No one should be denied the right to play golf, no matter their age, size, financial situation or anything for that matter.” – Tim Hazelgrove.

OGA is going through a busy phase and is currently working on collaborations with big brands for 2022. These are expected to put their clothing more in the foreground, increasing their efforts to make golf more accessible. An effort they work hard from all angles, which makes them stand out in the golf community.

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