One IPO Transformation: moving up a gear


We have shared the first details of our One Initial Public Offering Transformation program in April. Since then we have made good progress and are on the right track with our plans. From September, we will pick up the pace even further.

But first, if you’re new to our transformation plans, or need a refresher, the video below will get you up to speed. You can also read our One Initial Public Offering Transformation prospectus.

A Initial Public Offering Transformation

Manage IP project started

We have started working on the first of our transformation projects – Manage IP – in March. This is a single service where clients will be able to view and manage all of their intellectual property (IP) in a place. They will also be able to modify or update their personal information. As part of Manage IP we build the customer account, which is the gateway to the new services.

The “discovery” phase

We started the management IP project with the discovery phase where we interviewed different types of customers. This allowed us to understand what our clients need from management IP service so that we build the right thing. It also helped us determine how our future process might work and create the first plans for the new service. The discovery phase of this project is now complete.

Acting on returns: what have we learned?

Here are the important results that our clients have reported to us during the “discovery” phase:

  • different customers want to access Initial Public Offeringservices in different ways. Some lawyers want to manage their IP through the IP software they are already using. Others need to be able to delegate access to clients or colleagues and filter out IP wallets. Then there is the unique IP registrants who want it simple, quick and easy
  • in accounts receivable, simple changes, such as change of address, should occur automatically without further control. More complex changes, such as changing the owner of a IP right, should still need manual checks or approvals
  • we need to find an easy way for customers to link their IP to their new Initial Public Offering Account. This is a process that we have called “claiming my right”. People don’t want to enter a lot of information about their rights when signing up, so we’re thinking about how that might work.

What is the next step to Manage IP?

We are stepping up a gear in our transformation agenda. To manage IP we move to the “Alpha” phase, where we will start to create and test the most difficult parts of the service. We will do it:

  • build prototypes to test and test the functionality of the new service. For example, we’ll be creating an end-to-end customer transaction, like changing an address. We will also test the customer account to determine what information different customers need to see. Finally, we will see how the process of giving access to others (eg a paralegal or a client) might work.
  • start testing ideas on how we’re going to marry accounts receivable with the IP they own. We don’t currently have all the data we need to fully automate this. We are looking at how we can do it without placing too much burden on customers
  • explore how we can use application programming interfaces (APIs). These would allow clients to send data to Initial Public Offering via their own IP management software

The beginning of the Secure IP project

In September, we also launched our second transformation project – Secure IP. Secured IP is where customers can do everything to secure their IP rights. This includes requesting, reviewing and registering or granting IP rights.

As for management IP project, we will start with a discovery phase. This will allow us to understand what customers need from this part of the service.

Next Steps: We Need Your Help

To make sure our new services meet your needs, we need people to help us with our user research and testing. You can register to participate by sending an email to [email protected]

Keep you posted

We plan to deliver our next update towards the end of the year. By then we should have some first prototypes of the management IP Service ready to be tested. We look forward to stepping up a gear and making rapid progress over the next few months.

If you would like to receive regular updates on Initial Public Offeringof the transformation project, please contact [email protected]

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