Relatives hold candlelight vigil for former Indian River football player


CHESAPEAKE, Virginia – A former Indian River High School football player who left too early.

A candlelight vigil was held on Friday night for Jaquan Yulee, 24, who died Tuesday night after his car overturned on the roof in Suffolk.

“To get through this, I don’t wish anyone,” said Fred Yulee, Jaquan’s father.

Family, friends and former classmates lit candles and released balloons into the sky to honor Jaquan and his legacy beyond what he did on the football field as a linebacker.

Former Indian River football coaches say they remember Jaquan’s smile that could light up any room.

“His contagious spirit he had. He was always a guy to make you smile, even when you blamed him for something he did in training. He would always do something to make you laugh or smile as a “Coach. You don’t get it all the time,” said TJ Lee, Jaquan’s former football coach.

A close friend and former teammate says Yulee brought him closer to God.

“He uplifted me spiritually and I had to take notes on the things he gave me because I didn’t have anyone like that to really sit and talk to me. What I learned from him, it is that no matter what obstacle comes your way in life, always stay positive in life and pray to God. This is how I got closer to God, “said Romon Copleand Jr ..

Jaquan, often wearing the number 2 on his jersey, was a prominent rookie in his high school class before playing for Marshall University.

“It’s a funny story how he started wearing number two. When I saw him I walked past him and said, ‘What number do you want?’ He started laughing and he said to me, “Five,” and I said, “No, I’m going to give you number two.” I said, ‘You have to be special to wear that number two’ “said Marcus Ferebee, Jaquan’s former football coach at Indian River High School.

Jaquan’s father says today would be the day he announced he was transferring to Virginia State University.

“He said, ‘I want to do a video tomorrow while I’m working where I’m announcing what I want to do, and we’re going to show it Friday at noon during my lunch break.'”

Jaquan’s funeral will be held at King’s Fork High School on June 23 at 1 p.m.

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