School and clubs are looking for “volunteers” for thousands of dollars due to no-show equipment


A rugby club, surf club and school in North Canterbury had to hunt tens of thousands of dollars from a volunteer who promised to organize the uniforms that didn’t arrive.

Timothy Graham Cathro, also known as Tim Muss or Tim Parekura, has offered to work for at least three organizations in Rangiora, north of Christchurch. The job ended in conflict and disappointment.

Cathro’s latest victim is the Saracens Rugby Club, where he joined the executive last year and, as brand manager, volunteered to organize hoodies for the junior teams of the club.

The sponsors put about $ 8,000 into his bank account, but he seems to have made no effort to order the clothes or have them printed for about two months.

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He continually made up excuses for the delays and broke his promises, the club said.

Cathro, 40, also pays a large sum back to Southbrook School, where he volunteered to organize the purchase and printing of uniforms. The school is believed to have paid around $ 20,000 out of pocket, which Cathro repays in installments.

The third victim is the Waikuku Surf Club, which ordered t-shirts from Cathro for $ 400 in February. The T-shirts did not arrive. Cathro repaid the money in the last fortnight.

The rugby club and the school have filed complaints with the police, but no charges have been laid.

The Saracens are celebrating a victory, but the club had problems with a volunteer.  (File photo)

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The Saracens are celebrating a victory, but the club had problems with a volunteer. (File photo)

Saracens chairman Brent Summerfield said the club had a “difficult experience” with Cathro.

“He assured that he had not kept his promises. “

When confronted, Cathro tried to hide his failures behind “misinformation and deception,” Summerfield said.

“After the club filed a complaint with the police, it then recovered all overdue funds. The club didn’t shell out, but we now have a very suspicious committee.

“As a voluntary organization, it is very difficult to verify who is raising a hand to help. Not everyone is as good as they seem.

A Southbrook School source, who declined to be named, said Cathro was plausible but not good on delivery and should be arrested.

Cathro has an extensive criminal record with a long history of fraud offenses, primarily for offering to provide premium electronics at discount prices.

The offenses have led him to prison on several occasions. Most of his victims were from Christchurch, but his crime reached Whangarei, Manukau, Howick, Tawa, Palmerston and Timaru.

In 2005, Constable Tony Maw described Cathro as the worst con artist he had encountered in over a decade with the police.

“He’s just ruthless and just has no sense of conscience,” he said.

“He is extremely plausible – he could rip you off and threaten to go to the police and he would come back and after 10 minutes he would have more money on you.”

Cathro also has a long experience in the management of bankrupt companies.

Mymedia Group, which sold graphics, loyalty cards and promotional products, went into liquidation in March 2014 for approximately $ 46,000.

Another of its companies, IT company Connect Business, went bankrupt in November 2014, and its internet service provider company, Synergis, collapsed in July 2015.

His website services company, Web Group, went into liquidation in May of this year. His host club and company, Pos Works, is in the process of being removed from the register.


Schools are back for 2021 … and parents across the country are counting the cost of new school uniforms, new shoes, stationery and appliances. And that doesn’t include the cost of sports, after-school classes, and recreation.

Reports from the liquidator provided to the Companies Office show that Cathro did not provide any documents or could not be contacted.

Cathro said the delays with the Saracens hoodies were due to his being abandoned by a supplier he contacted via a Facebook group. He then went to another supplier and completed the first half of the order.

“Then the rugby club took over management and I refunded the difference.”

Cathro said he apologized because he was apologizing himself and he had not been up front at the club because “I was trying to fix the problem”.

The money was refunded after the club filed a complaint with the police, but that was because they had already requested the club’s bank account four times, he said.

A significant number of uniforms were delivered to Southbrook School, he said, but he had issues with the second order due to poor quality. He had gone to China to have them made directly, but that hadn’t worked either.

Cathro said he couldn’t reimburse the school immediately due to the amount of money he spent up front. He still owes the school about $ 4,000.

It was too late with the Waikuku Surf Club T-shirts and refunded the money.

” It was my fault. I didn’t get them in time for the event they wanted them for. I said they could have them for free.

Catherine said Thing that because of his history, he had decided not to be in business anymore and was now working full time.

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