Shannondell Professional Golf Store Fight Video: Senator Anthony Williams’ Aid Investigated

AUDUBON, Pa. (WPVI) – An aide and cousin to a longtime Pennsylvania state senator faces criminal charges and has been sued in civil proceedings after a brawl at a Montgomery County golf club.

The altercation took place last November and the civil suit was filed in May 2021.

In surveillance video obtained by 6abc, Senator Anthony Williams, a Democrat who serves parts of Philadelphia and Delaware County, can be seen walking into the Shannondell Golf Pro Shop and exchanging words with the employee.

Williams and his quartet of golfers were asking for a refund after complaining about the slowness of the game.

Jonathan Williams, who is both the senator’s cousin and an assistant assigned to the senator’s office, then walks in and the senator leaves.

Jonathan Williams has words with the employee, then it appears in the video that the situation escalates into violence, Jonathan Williams throwing the first punch.

The employee wraps his arms around his alleged attacker, and they argue through the pro shop.

Nathan Schadler is the attorney representing the victim, Hunter Wagner. Wagner suffered a laceration to his hand that required stitches, and he is seeking more than $ 50,000 in damages, citing not only physical injuries but mental injuries as well.

Schadler recounted what his client told him.

“He said they had come very upset and it only got worse. He came from behind the desk because it was getting very inappropriate and out of control and that’s when he ( Wagner) was docked, ”Schadler said.

Schadler added that his client did not throw punches, but instead tried to defend himself by wrapping his arms around his attacker to prevent him from hitting him.

“He’s trying to hug himself, but he’s punched multiple times, punched multiple times at least 10 times on the head. It actually spreads around the pro’s store and what he’s trying to do is is to catch the individual and protect yourself, ”Schadler said.

He added that the whole incident happened in less than a minute.

Wagner called the police, and Jonathan Williams and another associate who broke up the fight stayed until the police arrived and gave his statement. The criminal complaint does not specify whether Senator Williams was originally questioned.

6abc contacted the senator’s office and we were told he cannot comment because he is a witness in the case. Senator Williams has not been charged with a felony or charged with any wrongdoing.

According to a criminal complaint, Jonathan Williams told authorities:

“… Wagner denied the refund and then bumped into his face. Williams said he then hit Wagner first in the face with a closed fist.”

Jonathan Williams faces criminal charges including misconduct, common assault and harassment.

Williams’ attorney Josh Rudolph told 6abc: “Regarding the published video, we find it interesting that it was released although we have not received any discovery in either. cases at this stage. ”

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