Virginia football distributes first set of jersey numbers for 2021


The first set of numbers was selected because 32 members of the Virginia soccer team won their jerseys. Bronco Mendenhall has preached “win not given” as one of his main mantras since taking over the program from Virginia in 2016. Each season, players are selected week by week in the fall camp to pick their numbers. jersey for the coming season.

We don’t yet know who picked first in this year’s draft overall, but 18 of the 32 jerseys selected are from fourth- or fifth-year seniors. Eight third year and six second year round out the rest of the players who have heard their names this time around.

Running back Jordan Ellis won the first pick in the first three jersey drafts under Mendenhall, with walk-in linebacker Reed Kellam getting the first pick in 2019. Richard Burney got the nod in 2020.

A few notes around the jerseys selected so far:

  • Offensive / defensive duplicates have been selected for numbers 2, 3, 4, 5 and 7, which is allowed as long as the players are on either side of the ball
  • No surprises for returning players like Nick Grant (No. 1), Dontayvion Wicks (No. 3), Billy Kemp IV (No. 4), Brennan Armstrong (No. 5), Nick Jackson (No. 6), Noah Taylor (No. 7), Wayne Taulapapa (No. 21), Joey Blount (No. 29), Ryan Nelson (No. 54), Olu Oluwatimi (No. 55), Chris Glaser (No. 69) and Aaron Faumui (No. 91) because they are part of the group which kept the same jersey numbers
  • Transfer tight end Jelani Woods (Oklahoma State) must have really impressed entering the first group and selecting the No.0 (who belonged to Zane Zandier last season)
  • His transfer mate Anthony Johnson (Louisville) was also able to choose his jersey in this first group, taking the No.3
  • Lavel Davis Jr. retained the No.81, and it’s impressive that he was able to select already given he returned from a knee injury in the spring.
  • QB / WR Keytaon Thompson kept the No.99 which is great
  • Ra’Shaun Henry went from number 17 last year to number 2, and De’Vante Cross also caught number 2, dropping from number 15
  • Senior linebacker Elliott Brown moved from 43rd to 4th place
  • Six offensive linemen have selected their jerseys, which is not surprising for a group that returns a lot of experience and leadership

Here are the jerseys awarded in the first group:

Virginia 2021 soccer jersey numbers

Number Player Position Year
Number Player Position Year
0 Jelani wood YOU Junior
1 Nick grant CB Senior
2 Croix De’Vante FS Senior
2 Ra’Shaun Henry WR Senior
3 Anthony johnson Comics Junior
3 Dontayvion Wicks WR Second year
4 Elliott Brown OLB Senior
4 Billy Kemp IV WR Senior
5 Brennan armstrong QB Junior
5 Chayce Chalmers Comics Second year
6 Nick jackson HE B Junior
7 Mike Hollin RB Second year
7 Noah Taylor OLB Senior
8 Darius bratton CB Senior
14 Antoine Clary Comics Junior
18 Hayden mitchell WR Senior
21 Wayne Taulapapa RB Senior
23 Cypress of Fentrell II Comics Second year
29 Joey blount FS Senior
52 Joe bissinger OG Junior
54 Ryan nelson OT Senior
55 Olusegun Oluwatimi VS Senior
69 Chris Glaser OG Senior
70 Bobby Haskins OT Senior
72 Ryan swoboda OT Senior
81 Lavel Davis Jr. WR Second year
85 Grant Misch YOU Junior
90 Jahmeer carter DL Second year
91 Mandy alonso OF Senior
94 Aaron Faumui DT Junior
95 Adeeb Atariwa DL Senior
99 Keytaon thompson QB / WR Senior

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